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Slow please
I know you’re likely running late
and reading very fast
but take a moment: pause, and wait
before this all is past I know how much you like to speed
so here’s a card for you
to tell you to hop off your steed
and walk, enjoying the view Remember life is not a race
there is no victory
to finish fast and in first place
and miss the scenery Take your time to smell the air
and taste the wild wind
wonder if the weather’s fair
and breathe it gently in Listen for the singing birds
hiding in the leaves
imagine that they’re singing words
in stages made of trees Find a fondness for the world
and let it form a smile
take the time to find the pearls
and pause once in awhile

This poem was written for a husband to leave for his wife who was always in too much of a hurry.

Kandace will make you bacon
you say you’ll make me bacon
i’m surprised that you’re not taken
could it be that you are fakin’?
just the thought it’s got me achin’
’cause I really want that bacon
and it all starts with me takin’
Kandace out if the bacon’s up to snuff
I can make some eggs to match
and if both aren’t enough
we can make another batch if you like the way I cook
we can do it all again
I can mark you in my book
for every single weekend we can meet up in the morn
when the winter still bites
as the pan gets warm
we can hold each other tight
add the bacon when it’s hot
heat some cocoa in a pot
warm my belly and my heart
you’re the only missing part
let’s make this thing a deal
cook some bacon up for real
Kandace what do you say
about breakfast Saturday?

This poem was written for a bro that wanted to ask Kandace out. Her profile said “Take me out and I’ll make you bacon.”

Happy birthday, mother
Although I am so far away
I won’t forget this special day
To celebrate my mother dear
Once again in this new year I hope that you already know
Without a gift, without a bow
The love which I attempt to send
Written with a ballpoint pen A poem cannot realize
Or truly even emphasize
The feelings I wish to express
To you, my mom, the very best You gave me life and all I know
You helped me learn, you helped me grow
Everything I am today
Is owed to you in every way Your guiding hand taught me to walk
Your tender voice taught me to talk
Thank you, mom, for everything
And all the happiness you bring You are my heroine and queen
For every act you do unseen
Your love is bright, it truly shines
Happy Birthday, mother mine!

This poem was written for a son to send his mother for her birthday.